Our Integrazing Model:

Respecting the biological complexities – not complicated, but ecologically complex – seeking solutions that holistically optimize the system, not maximize one at the expense of another.

Mission: Holistic Integration of animals into systems using scientific, innovative, best management practices to develop financially sustainable & regenerative solutions: Forests, Open Space, Conservation lands, conventional & organic crops. Plant Scientist with 30 years of experience & knowledge in: Vegetation Management, Targeted Grazing, Forestry & Timber, Fire Science & Fuels, Systems Biology & Ecology, Ag Cover & Multi-species crops, Conservation Law & Homeowners Association Policy.

Vision: One day, when we see smoke, we will be able to say, “We should go put that fire out at some point. Not, run for your lives.” In the same systems, we can feed the world, high-quality, nutrient-dense food at a reasonable cost, not a select few that can afford it.

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Fire Safe Council Presentation – Systems Grazing Strategic Planning – Wildfire Disaster Prevention
Ardenwood Historic Farm – East Bay Regional Park District