Working Together Cal Fire and Shepherds!

Working together – Fire Crews and Shepherds !
INTEGRAZERS vision: “One day when we see smoke we will say, “We should probably go put that fire out later.” Not, “Run for your life.”
Fires are inevitable but they don’t need to be devastatingly destructible. Our owner: Hazeltine, is a UCD Plant Scientist, leading a vegetation management business for over 30 years, integrating methodologies – sheep, goats, cattle, hand crews, controlled burns and herbicides into an amazing fuels management solution, creating healthy environments for soils, plants, forests, animals and people.
Cal Fire Hand Crew testimonials: “When the goats go in first, clearing the way, it makes our jobs far. more manageable.” Some of these crew mens legs are so swollen from poison oak they can’t tie their boots closed, but when the goats go in first, it significantly reduces much of the foliage and underbrush.
We can do this together!